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Fundamentals of Modulated Polarimeters

报告摘要:Polarization images are captured using two primary strategies. In the first, the incoming beam of light is split into multiple copies which are independently analyzed and measured. In the second, the incoming image is modulated in space, time, wavelength, etc., in a polarization-dependent way. These modulation strategies place polarization image information into channels in frequency space, from which the polarization data can be demodulated. This talk will cover the basics of channeled polarimetry and will review many of the recent popular strategies. Examples will be given for temporal, spatial, and spectral modulation; systems with modulation in multiple domains; systems with bandwidth considerations; and we will discuss recent work with non-separable modulation strategies that provide the potential for even better performance.

报告人简介:J. Scott Tyo教授,国际著名偏振光学专家,澳大利亚新南威尔士大学工程与信息技术学院院长,国际电气和电子工程师协会(IEEE)会士,美国光学学会(OSA)会士,国际光学工程学会(SPIE)会士。曾任美国亚利桑那大学(University of Arizona)光学与电子计算机工程教授,2014年被授予SPIE GG Stokes奖。在国际著名学术期刊Optics Letters、Optics Express、Applied Optics、IEEE Trans. AntennasPropagate、IEEE Trans. Geosci.、Remote Sens等发表学术研究论文200余篇,被国际同行他引2000余次,单篇引用最高600余次。

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